Love Your Block provides the opportunity for residents to transform and beautify their neighborhoods through volunteerism. Resident-led volunteer groups located in the boundary are invited to apply up to $1,000 to be used for a project. This work is made possible in partnership with Cities of Service.

Love Your Block ofrece la oportunidad para los residentes a transformar y mejorar sus barrios con voluntariado. Grupos de voluntarios residente en los barrios dentro de los linderos están invitados a solicitar hasta $ 1,000 para ser utilizado para un proyecto. Este programa se hace posible en colaboración con Cities of Service. 

5 @LoveYourBlockPHX ideas are about to take flight! @citiesofservices @katewgallego . What would you do with $1,000? See how some Phoenicians will spend the money to make the city a better place.

The Fall 2015 application is closed. Thank you to all the community groups who applied! We are excited to see what how our first grant cycle recipients transform their communities. The next application cycle will open Fall 2016.

See how this #LYB #AlleyActivation is changing a once blighted alley shared by residents and local merchants into a safe and walkable point of connectivity. Volunteer activities included a chain link fence ribbon mural, painting a tagged wall, and creating a wayfinding sign.

Phoenix Councilwoman Kate Gallego visits a major community cleanup along a large stretch of the Grand Canal. Volunteer groups planted trees and shrubs, removed trash and painted a wall mural to brighten the area.

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Directions: Enter your home address to see if your neighborhood falls within the Love Your Block initiative boundary. The initiative boundary is highlighted by the brown area.

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